In the Claws of the Dove Hunters



Together with their friend, the cat Sigge, the small mice Musse & Helium are once again venturing into the Animal Kingdom to continue their vital mission – to find both the Golden Cheese and their parents.

With the help of Princess Frah’s flying dogs, they soar above the snowy Lindrizia. But they barely have time to land before they discover that there are evil Pigeon Hunters swarming inside the Animal Kingdom, ready to capture them as soon as they leave Lindrizia. Only pure and genuine magic can help them get past.

As you already know, they find themselves in a world where anything can happen. And in this adventure, they encounter camouflaged turtles, sleep dragons, and talking boats. But the most unexpected of all is a beautiful spy who reports everything she sees to the vengeful Pigeon Hunters. Can Musse & Helium escape their clutches and save the Animal Kingdom and its inhabitants once and for all?

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