Welcome to the
Magical World
of Maxi & Helium

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Welcome to the Magical World
of Maxi & Helium

Experience Maxi & Helium

Maxi & Helium are two amazing little mice siblings who continue to take both children and adults by storm. You can hang out with them anytime you want! Just put on your headphones or dive into a book and let the adventure begin.

From our readers

Maxi & Helium are absolutely fantastic. An incredible story that we all love at home.

It’s my daughter’s favourite and mine too as I love the author’s subtle yet recognisable sense of humor.

Susanne Roth

An incredibly good book with characters that make children want to read and listen to the books over and over again. Buy! Read! Listen!

Mattias Ericsson

It’s absolutely incredible what a strong impression the characters Maxi & Helium have made on my daughter Esther, 5 years old. She feels secure in their “presence” and sometimes listens more to them than to me. Fortunately, Maxi & Helium say a lot of good things that Esther is now mimicking. So a big thank you for that!

Maria Bergström