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Maxi & Helium are two fantastic sibling mice, and in their magical world, they provide entertainment for the entire family. Here, you can immerse yourself in a unique and vibrant fantasy world filled with humor, excitement, and colorful environments.

"I read all the books at school, I LOVE THEM!"

ChristopherChristopher9 years

"I didn't know you could learn things from two mice, but you can!"

EstherEsther5 years

"World's best book for all families with children!!"

Lina HedlundLina Hedlund

"I highly recommend you to read these books, they are absolutely fantastic! Both for adults and for children!!"

Linda KarlssonLinda Karlsson

"You easily get hooked on this book like all other Musse & Helium books!! When you've finished reading it, you'll just long for the next book! Best books ever!!"

Dina LisaDina Lisa

"Finally, the book arrived in the mailbox! We have loooonged to continue following our beloved mice in their adventures!"

Lizen PhilipssonLizen Philipsson

"We have never before experienced children becoming so captivated by a story as by Musse & Helium's adventures. We teachers love them too!!"


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