In the Claws of the Dove Hunters



Welcome to the fourth and final part (Musse & Helium Part 4: The Return of the Golden Cheese) of the audio adventure featuring the two small mice, Musse & Helium, who one day discover a magical hole under the sofa. The hole leads them to the Animal Kingdom – a land far beyond the limits of imagination and entirely different from the Human world where the mice live.

However, the Animal Kingdom is in great danger as evil spirits and dreadful Dove Hunters are out to find the Golden Cheese and seize control over all the animals and creatures that inhabit it.

The future of the Animal Kingdom rests in the hands of Musse & Helium, as they are the only ones who can locate the Golden Cheese. In this unique audio adventure, we will follow the small mice on their journey, meet the creatures who assist them along the way, beware of swampy stumps, Dove Hunters, and evil spirits, and be entertained by the mice’s hilarious antics.

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