Chapter Books

Dive into our magical world! -to the adventures of a lifetime!  
Maxi & Helium, our tiny mice who just so happen to be siblings, take us to their magical world, filled with adventures and entertainment for the whole family! In their colorful world of magic you’re in for a whirl of excitement and humor!  

Picture Books

Picture books are a world where imagination and reality come together in the most enchanting ways. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging texts, children can explore new places, meet imaginative characters, and participate in exciting adventures. Each book is a door to a world of discovery and learning.

Activity Books

Encourage creativity and create memorable moments with Musse & Helium's activity books - a gateway to fun and excitement for both young and old!


Step into Maxi & Helium's playful gaming world! Here awaits a delightful mix of interactive adventures and tricky challenges that put imagination and skills to the test. We invite you to laughter and memorable moments for the whole family.


Invite your child to a playful experience, where each puzzle piece is like a secret key unlocking the doors of imagination. With Maxi & Helium's puzzles, play becomes not only a source of fun but also a magical opportunity to train the brain and journey into exciting worlds, one puzzle piece at a time!


Explore Maxi & Helium's adventures through Morgan Alling's immersive voice, bringing the stories to life in a unique and captivating way. Experience a new dimension of excitement and magic as you get swept away in the classic adventures of the eight chapter books.

Cinematic Audiobooks

This is a dramatization of the first series in the adventures of Maxi & Helium. Our “Cinematic Audiobooksare nothing like you’ve ever experienced before! Camilla Brinck has created a whole new genre containing soundtracks, sound effects and voices for all characters!

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