Time to Sleep is a magical and effective bedtime story with elements of mindfulness. Loved by both children and adults!

Find your peace with Maxi & Helium, your favorite characters from the amazing fantasy world, created by Camilla Brinck! Join them in a relaxing adventure when it is Time to Sleep…

Soothing text with a beautiful set of pictures will rock both tiny mice and other tiny listeners right to sleep. This bedtime story contains a bit of mindfulness and nightly routines which can make your time to sleep, or perhaps just some time to rest, a cozy and harmonious session…

For the first time, we find Maxi & Helium in a grander setting with rich and colorful illustrations, for the entire family to dream off to.

This book is preferably suitable for kids between the ages of 3-6 but can of course be enjoyed by older kids too (between the ages of 7-10). 

The story itself is 16 minutes long, followed by relaxing music for 45 minutes.

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